The Governance of Anglican Care involves:

  • The Trust Board;
  • The Annual Reports;
  • The Charity Registration; and
  • The Act that constituted Anglican Care.

Anglican Care Governance—The Trust Board

Anglican Care is governed by a Trust Board. The purpose of the Board is to ensure that Anglican Care achieves its objectives and operates appropriately.

The Trust Board is currently made up of the following members:

  • The Rt Rev’d Dr Peter Carrell (Warden)
  • Miss Jane Evans (Chair)
  • Ms Steffi Brightwell
  • Rev’d Wendy Heath
  • Mr Chas Muir
  • Rev’d Ben Randall
  • Mr Neil Shewan
  • Mr Cam Moore
  • Ms Christine Johnston
  • Mr Ross McQueen
  • Rev’d Sampson Knight
  • Dr Sue Peddie


Anglican Care—Annual General Meeting

We are holding our 71st Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 14 November 2023 starting at 4.30pm.

At this meeting we will

  • Confirm the minutes of the 2022 AGM
  • Adopt the 2023 annual financial statements—see them in the Reports and Finance area further down this page
  • Appoint the current auditors, BDO NZ, for another year
  • Amend Rule 6—see the detail in the paragraph below

Join us at the

Community Room, 1st Floor

Christchurch City Mission

276 Hereford Street

Christchurch 8011

Please RSVP before Tuesday 7th November to:

Acting Executive Officer

Rule 6 proposed amendment

Resolution to change Rule 6

This meeting is being held in accordance with clause 15 (c) and clause 18 (a) of the Rules. The purpose of the meeting is to make the following change to Rule 6 subject to the approval of Standing Committee.

The Board shall consist of eight members, plus the Warden who is the Bishop.

The eight members, of whom at least 50% must be members of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia, are appointed as follows;

  1. Four persons by the Bishop.
  2. Four persons by the Board.

Each appointed member will serve for a period of four years, and may be reappointed.

All nominees to have been previously ratified by Standing Committee.


The initial board be appointed under this rule for the period commencing 15th November 2023 shall be approved by the Bishop and shall consist of eight members who have previously been on the board.

For the period 2023-2027 the Board and Bishop may determine that some members will serve for a shorter period than 4 years in order that the Board creates a succession plan to avoid mass replacement every 4 years.

Anglican Care—Reports and Finance

Please click on the links below to view our annual financial statements.


Anglican Care—The Charity

Anglican Care is registered with the NZ Government Charities Services as a charity. The Registration number is CC 27132. You can check this by visiting the Anglican Care page on the Charities Registration website.


The History of Anglican Care—The 1952 Act

The Social Service Council of the Diocese of Christchurch Act was passed in 1952.

This was an act to constitute and incorporate the Social Service Council of the Diocese of Christchurch, and to dissolve certain Boards in order that their functions may be taken over and their property vested in the Social Service Council of the Diocese of Christchurch, and to provide for trusts and incidental matters.

A full copy of the 1952 Act can be downloaded here: Social Service Council of theDiocese of Christchurch Act 1952