Anglican Centre and Key Diocesan Personnel

The Anglican Centre building houses several people and groups critical to the running of a large Diocese like ours.

There is the Bishop and his key team, the Mission and Ministry team, the Diocesan Manager and associated staff, Payroll, Finance, and Church Property Trustee personnel. Not all of these people work out of the Anglican Office.

Click on the sections below to find the people in each area.

  • The Bishop and key Diocesan personnel
  • Ministry and Mission team
  • Theology House staff
  • Diocesan Office and Anglican Centre staff
  • Diocesan Finance and Payroll staff
  • Church Property Trustee team


The Bishop and key Diocesan personnel

The Bishop has a number of key people to support him in his work across the Diocese. This includes his Executive Assistant, the Vicar General and Deputy Vicar General, the Dean, an independent Monitor, the Diocesan Manager, and the Communication and Media Advisor. The Vicar General steps in to substitute for the Bishop when the Bishop is absent. The Dean is the head of the Diocesan Cathedral.

The Right Reverend Dr Peter Carrell

Bishop of Christchurch

03 348 6701




Veronica Cross

Executive Assistant to the Bishop

03 348 6701




The Ven. Mark Barlow

Vicar General





The Ven. Indrea Alexander

Deputy Vicar General





The Ven. Canon Mark Chamberlain

Archdeacon for Regeneration and Mission

03 348 6955 or 0274327474




The Very Rev’d Ben Truman

Dean of Christ Church Cathedral


The Rev’d Matt Maslin

Cathedral Curate


Fr Chris Orczy

St Luke’s Inner-City Chaplain





Edwin BoyceEdwin Boyce

Diocesan and Anglican Centre Manager

03 348 6957




Clare Ayres
Diocesan Monitor and Bishop’s Reconciliation Advisor

021 217 1581




Yvette Koo Butcher
Communication and Media Advisor

027 403 0035



Jolyon White

Director Anglican Advocacy

Visit their website:




Ministry and Mission personnel

Ministry and Mission personnel support the bishop in the training and enabling of ministry and mission in the Diocese. The Education and Ordination personnel support and encourage those seeking to enter the priesthood, those who are about to be ordained, and ordained ministers in their first few years. The Ministry Development personnel encourage and enable young adult, youth and children’s workers in their individual parish roles.


 The Rev’d Jenny Wilkens

Diocesan Director of Ordination





Sammy MouldThe Rev’d Sammy Mould

Under 40’s Ministry Team Leader

022 021 5401



Emma Tovey

Under 40’s Resource Creator

027 780 6629



Paul Hegglun

Under 40’s Leadership Developer

03 348 6960 or 021 615 933



Vacancy (pending)

Safeguarding Officer


Nathan Muirhead

Under 40’s Safeguarding Educator

027 274 2226

Azaria Peach

Children’s Ministry Educator

020 4026 1160


Theology House Staff

Theology House is our Diocesan theology and ministry resourcing centre. It is currently co-located with the Anglican Centre and the Anglican Resource Library. Theology House staff are the Director, a librarian and an administrator.

Gareth Bezett (pronounced Biz-ette)

Director of Theology House

03 341 3399





Sarah Dunning

Theology House Librarian, Anglican Resource Centre

03 341 3399



Sarah Larritt

Theology House Administrator

03 341 3399

Diocesan Office and Anglican Centre Staff

The Diocesan Manager reports to the Bishop and oversees the administration of the Diocese. This includes Diocesan reporting, working with the various committees and groups to achieve the strategic goals of the Diocese (including Synod and Standing Committee), and complying with the regulations and cannons of the Anglican Church. The Diocesan Manager is also currently the Anglican Centre Manager. The Anglican Centre Manager is supported by an IT assistant, an administrator, a Safeguarding Officer and an archivist.


Edwin BoyceEdwin Boyce

Diocesan and Anglican Centre Manager

03 348 6957




Scott Walters

Scott Walters

Diocesan Administrator & IT Support

03 348 7202





Jane Teal


03 365 9444




Vacancy (pending)

Safeguarding Officer


Diocesan Finance and Payroll Staff

Lynda Alexander

Diocesan Finance Manager

03 348 6939




Kay Wilson

Kay Wilson

Payroll Officer

03 343 6962




Paul Dumaguin

Diocesan Assistant Accountant

03 341 4120




Jocelyn Kubala

Diocesan Accounts Clerk

03 348 6961




Nikki Gin

Accounts Clerk

03 343 7291




Celeste Siew Fong Chai

Celeste Siew Fong Chai

Accounts Assistant

03 341 4127






Church Property Trustee Team

Gavin HolleyGavin Holley

CPT General Manager

03 348 6816




Ross SeagarRoss Seagar

CPT Office Manager

03 348 7205




Celia Quinnell

CPT Property Manager

03 348 5129




Ashley South

CPT Finance Manager

03 341 4121




Antony Fernando

CPT Assistant Accountant

03 341 4125