Church Property Trustees – Update No.18-05:

Insurance Renewal Questionnaire

8th May 2018

The CPT property team are beginning to consolidate the parameters for the 2018/2019 insurance renewal negotiations that will take place in May / June 2018.

As noted in the questionnaire (attached, please complete and return by Friday, 1st June 2018) all residential properties are covered for Natural Disaster. For the new insurance period Church Property Trustees is requiring that all commercial properties have this cover as it is prudent and generally a condition of the lease.

The cost of Natural Disaster cover for other buildings continues to remain high.  As a guide, Natural Disaster cover is likely to add 200% to the cost of insuring buildings.

Church Property Trustees continues to consider the very serious risk to the Diocese of not placing Natural Disaster cover (predominately for Churches & Halls), but is also mindful of the financial implications and the strain that this would put on many parishes.

Parishes are very strongly urged to have Natural Disaster cover on active churches and halls.

If you have any questions regarding insurance, please contact the CPT Property Team –