Dear friends,

The Prime Minister this morning spoke in front of the old Cathedral in the Square.  I was not able to be present as I am on a short medical leave.  Thank you to those from CPT and the Diocese who stepped up on my behalf, especially Dr Corin Murfitt who was the spokesperson.

The relationship with both Minister Dr Megan Woods and the office of the Prime Minister is very positive and I am delighted the promises made previously are being confirmed.  Jenny May, a long time member of the Cathedral, heritage expert and a former Cathedral Canon will be our representative on the Fundraising Trust.  We could not have a better representative.

I know in the past, relationships have been strained but I want you to hear from me I am positive and confident about the way ahead.  In short what you hear on the news about the Cathedral from the Prime Minister today is correct.  Thanks be to God.  Thank you for your ongoing prayers and may you have a holy Lent.

In Christ our Lord,