Cathedral Grammar’s Board is under new governance leadership, says Bishop Victoria Matthews. A local lawyer, specialising in employment and education, David Beck, has been tasked with leading the school forward. The Board itself has also been renewed.


“Mr Beck will be working to restore confidence in the school and will make sure the Anglican faith and unique spirit is nurtured and developed going forward,” said Matthews.


“Healing the rifts between the community, parents and board will be his first priority. He has an open style of leadership and we can expect to see him engaging with the community about the school’s direction. Cathedral Grammar is the Anglican school which educates the well-known ChristChurch Cathedral choristers, and this comes with the rich traditions and Christian character that need to be acknowledged, while all the time balancing this with the complex educational needs of 21st century students.


“I am confident that David Beck, the Board of Trustees and the Cathedral Chapter will work well with our Principal and teaching staff to fulfil the school’s commitment to be ‘ever faithful’.”