Centre for Ethics and Spirituality June 2016

There’s a new space and place for discussing some of the hot topics of our day.

Located at Christ’s College, the Centre for Ethics and Spirituality is designed to spark conversation and discussion, not only among people associated with the high school but also in the wider community.

“There’s a need for ethics and an interest in spirituality, so it’s a chance for people to engage with [them],” says the school’s chaplain, Bosco Peters, who, with the support of the school’s board and new executive principal, has been instrumental in establishing the centre.

About 160 people – including pupils, parents and staff – attended the centre’s opening held at the school in late June. As the inaugural speakers, Bosco and his wife, Helen, shared experiences of walking the ancient pilgrimage route of the Camino, a 1,000km, 40-day walk in northern Spain.

Euthanasia and having a credible faith in the 21st century are two of the topics scheduled for upcoming events at the centre during the next school term. The associated speakers will be Bishop Richard Randerson and author and minister Ron Hay, formerly of Sumner-Redcliffs parish.

The centre is not housed in a specific building on the school campus, but will utilise existing facilities for its events. Essentially it operates as an ideas hub and promotes public engagement with contemporary ethical and spiritual issues.

Bosco hopes the centre will also spark interest in the study of ethical theories and associated disciplines.

He sees some current ethical concerns relating to the rapid advances in neuroscience; advances in technology, from the drone to social media; changes in warfare options; changing social relationships due to advances in human reproductive technology; animal and environmental ethics; and ethical issues associated with economics and commerce.

Details of the centre’s next events will be on the school’s website.

Centre for Ethics and Spirituality June 2016

Photo: Nick Sutcliffe