Church Property Trustees

Update No. 20-06: Healthy Homes Inspections

                                                                                                                              12th August 2020

In February 2020 CPT Update No. 20-01 advised parishes of the need for all residential properties to be inspected to ensure they meet the government’s Healthy Homes requirements and the need for a Certificate of Compliance to be forwarded to the CPT Property Manager.


The CPT Board are concerned to ensure healthy homes for all ‘tenants’ of parish residential properties.  This includes those resided in by Vicars.  These are not occupied under Residential Tenancy Agreements and therefore outside the scope of the Healthy Homes Act, however it is considered appropriate that these meet the new standards.


A Healthy Homes Certificate – and any remediation works required to meet the standards – needs to be issued by 1st July 2021.


To assist parishes, the CPT Property Manager [Celia Quinnell] will work with Aircon New Zealand to have the inspections undertaken. 


Please advise Celia [] as soon as possible, and before 1st September 2020 –

  • If you or your Property Manager have already undertaken an inspection. If so, can you please forward a copy of the Healthy Homes Certificate or notice of remediation required, or
  • Please advise if you or your Property Manager has this matter in hand.


It is important to get this information to Celia as she will be instructing Aircon to undertake inspections on remaining properties.  There will be a small charge to the parish [$149 plus GST] for the inspection/certification.


If you have any concerns, please be in touch as soon as possible.


I am pleased to advise that CPT have approved the provision of loans to parishes should they require assistance with any works needed to be undertaken to meet the new standards.  Please do not hesitate to be in touch with Celia to discuss any funding requirements.






Gavin Holley

General Manager