Delta Level 2—limit 100

Information for Parishes—revised 26 October 2021


Here in the Christchurch Diocese we are committed to keep ministers, staff, parishioners, worshippers and external users of our church and hall premises as safe as possible.



  • Follow Government guidelines and regulations
  • Limit of 100 (plus staff) for indoor and outdoor faith-gatherings
  • Contact tracing recording via app or written record must take place
  • Wearing masks highly recommended
  • Appropriate physical distancing between people in our churches/halls/outdoor events
  • Singing permitted
  • Food and drink after services permitted
  • Communion to be in one kind only (bread)

Here are the revised guidelines from Bishop Peter about what can be achieved, given the government regulations and recommendations. The Guidelines speak about limits on numbers attending, distancing, contract tracing, masking, singing, communion, refreshments, children’s and youth programmes and more.