What is our Diocesan Mission Action Plan?

Our Diocesan Mission Action Plan has been adopted by Synod as a guide to the actions we will take through the 2020s, especially when Standing Committee and the Church Property Trustees make decisions.

This “DMAP” will focus our aspirations to be a Diocese in Regeneration.

Our God is a God of Mission. God calls us to bear witness to who God is, to tell what God has done in Jesus Christ, and to partner in God’s work in the world by going out to be salt and light. We call this the missio Dei.

Bishop Peter and others will be guided by this plan over the next few years. More information will be uploaded as available. In the meantime, please click on the link to download the PDF document and read it.


In November 2021 our Diocesan Synod approved the Diocesan Mission Action Plan, or DMAP, and this is now available: