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In this ‘Year of Prayer’ for the regeneration of our Diocese we invite you to join the Diocesan Prayer Community. This is a commitment to pray daily for personal renewal and the regeneration of our Diocese. The scriptures declare that “Unless the Lord builds the house those who build it labour in vain.” Psalm 127:1. This is a call for us to ask that God would indeed build the church – our role is to pray and serve God faithfully.

The Diocesan Prayer Community will be launched on Sunday 26 May in two places.

  • 10am in the Cardboard Cathedral
  • 2pm at St Mary’s Timaru.

You are invited to be present at either of these services and to be commissioned by Bishop Peter. You don’t of course have to be present, and you can join the Prayer Community at any time.

Belonging to the Prayer Community involves the following four commitments.

  1. Read and reflect on a passage of scripture.
  2. Pray the Lord’s Prayer
  3. Pray the Diocesan Prayer for Regeneration
  4. Pray for the regeneration of our Diocese, the growth of our parishes, chaplaincies and agencies and for other needs.

It’s OK if some days you don’t pray – it’s a best intention. When you join the Diocesan Prayer Community you will receive a ‘Commitment Card’ with the Diocesan Prayer for Regeneration printed on it and a place to sign.

You will also receive a monthly email from the Archdeacon for Regeneration and Mission which will include topics for you to pray for. Let us support Bishop Peter’s vision for the regeneration of our Diocese. It begins with our own personal prayer and renewal and overflows into our parishes and the wider community.

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