Dear friends

I’m sharing with you our statement as sent to the Press and other media this afternoon our response to yesterday and this morning’s Press articles about the idea of an interfaith hub.

The Bishop’s Office
Anglican Diocese of Christchurch

Media Release
Friday 5 April 2019

The statement below can be attributed to The Right Reverend Dr Peter Carrell, Anglican Bishop of Christchurch. Bishop Peter is responding to the recent call, as reported in the Press, (on Thursday 4 April and Fri 5 April) for an interfaith hub in Christchurch. 

Inter-Faith Conversations Appropriate
It is entirely appropriate that people pause and reflect after the horrific Mosque massacre.  We must all learn from these events and we’ve seen that reflected in many areas of New Zealand life.

The outpouring of love and solidarity for the Muslim community shows that hope is breaking through, and that love is the most powerful agent of change there is.
The reinstated Christ Church Cathedral will be a place of welcome for all people, to gather, to connect, to build relationships, and to talk through the issues that affect humanity.  It will welcome people of all faiths and none.

There was a great deal of heartache for people in determining the Cathedral’s future.  A decision was finally made in late 2017.  The project is well underway; let’s get on with it.

If there is to be an interfaith hub in Christchurch, this needs to be generated from conversations between the faith communities themselves.  The Diocese of Christchurch is happy to be part of any such conversations.


Jo Bean
Media and Communications Officer, Anglican Diocese of Christchurch
Cell: 021-2244892