One of the items rescued from Churchill Courts was an EPNS bowl with the following inscription


Orphans Annual Outing

Challenge Bowl

Presented by

The Waikuku Beach Improvement Assn


For Girls

Relay Race


It was competed for from 1935- 1956, except for 1947 and 1948, between St Saviour’s Home, Nazareth House, St Joseph’s Orphanage, the School for the Deaf (van Asch School) and the Presbyterian Girls’ Home.

With the help of Papers Past it has been discovered that this annual outing was provided by the Automobile Association, not only in Canterbury, but also in South Canterbury and Otago.  Pines Beach and Kairaki   seem to have been a favourite destination in the 1930’s.

If any one has any family stories about these outings, then please contact the Diocesan Archives and information will be forwarded to the other institutions involved.

The names on the cup are:

Name Date Institution
A Boult 1954 School for Deaf
A Henry 1952, 1953 School for Deaf
A Rogers 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953 School for Deaf
Adele Whitcombe 1944 St Saviour’s
B O’Neill 1950 (Capt), 1951 (Capt) School for Deaf
B Rowling 1951 School for Deaf
Beverley Cavanagh 1955 Nazareth House
D Frederickson 1954 School for Deaf
Doreen Boal 1955 Nazareth House
Dorothy Hillyer 1938 St Saviour’s
Dorothy Irving 1939 St Saviour’s
Dorothy Rawson 1956 Presbyterian Girls Home
Eva Wright 1949 St Saviour’s
G Signal 1954 School for Deaf
Ida Reriti 1940 Nazareth House
Jean Dempsey c 1946 St Joseph’s Orphanage
Jessie Nisbet 1941 St Saviour’s
Jill Taylor 1941, 1942, 1943 St Saviour’s
Joan  Shefford 1943 St Saviour’s
Joan Bowring 1946 St Joseph’s Orphanage
Judith Hepburn 1956 Presbyterian Girls Home
June Greenwald 1936 St Saviour’s
Lena Hillyer 1941, 1942 St Saviour’s
Leslie Cosgrove 1955 Nazareth House
Lorna Feary 1949 St Saviour’s
M Hanson 1950 School for Deaf
Margaret Ballantyne 1936, 1937 St Saviour’s
Margaret Bennett 1939 St Saviour’s
Margaret McVicar 1940 Nazareth House
Margaret Smith 1949 St Saviour’s
Marie Hepburn 1956 Presbyterian Girls Home
Marie Thian 1944, 1945 St Saviour’s
Marjorie Crump 1935 St Saviour’s
Marjorie Shand 1941, 1942, 1943,1944, 1945 St Saviour’s
Maureen Frawley 1940 Nazareth House
Melva Oates 1955 Nazareth House
Melva Smith 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945 St Saviour’s
N Swiggs 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954 (Capt) School for Deaf
Ngaire Irving 1937, 1938,1939 St Saviour’s
Noeline Burns 1935 St Saviour’s
Pat Drayton 1949 St Saviour’s
Paula   Darrach 1940 Nazareth House
Phyllis Coutts 1945 St Saviour’s
R Rowling 1952 School for Deaf
Rawhinia O’Brien 1946 St Joseph’s Orphanage
Robyn Silk 1956 Presbyterian Girls Home
Ruth Hillyer 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 St Saviour’s
Ruth Lawson 1935 St Saviour’s
S Stebein 1950 School for Deaf
Sadie Samson 1935 St Saviour’s
Teresa Ford 1946 St Joseph’s Orphanage
Trixie Simmons 1936, 1937, 1938 St Saviour’s
V Maybee 1953 (Capt ) School for Deaf