Removal of headstones—Public notice

Very shortly a number of gravestones in close proximity to St Peter’s Church, Anglican Parish of Upper Riccarton-Yaldhurst, will be relocated within the churchyard. This will be done to facilitate the earthquake repairs to the church, the construction of new transepts, and in order to protect the headstones themselves. The work will be carried out by professional stone masons, who will relocate those headstones that will not be able to be restored to their original location to as close proximity as possible to their original position, and store those that will be reinstated safely and securely for the duration of the repair and building work.  Prior to the headstones being removed, they will be photographed and details kept of their correct location.

We apologise for any inconvenience or distress caused by this essential work, and assure everyone that this will be done with due care and reverence.

A full list of the gravestones and memorials is available on the parish website at

If you would like further information about this process, or any other aspect of our rebuilding programme, please call –

The Vicar – 03 348 5653

Thank you for your understanding.


# Surname First names DOB DOD Of
1 GAITT William Augustus 9/03/1910 Husband of Maud Elizabeth
1 GAITT Maud Elizabeth 21/09/1941 Wife of William Augustus
2 & 4 CATTON Thomas 5/04/1910 Husband of May Catton and their beloved son Leonard?
3 HOLMES Hester Ann 9/03/1930 Wife of J A Holmes “Huntley”
3 HOLMES John Alexander 28/02/1937 Born Ottawa, Canada
5 DEIBERT Agnes Christina 5/02/1910 Sister of Eva Grace Farmer
5 FARMER Eric Daniel 20/05/1915 27/08/1986 Husband of Eva Grace, and father of Kerry, Jill and Anne
5 FARMER Eva Grace 6/07/1914 15/05/2005 Wife of Eric Daniel and sister of Christina, and mother of Kerry, Jill and Anne
6 HOLMES Andrew Loughrey 02/02/1890 14/11/1918 Born and died Bangor.  Elder son of JA and HA Holmes “Huntley”
6 HOLMES Aldwyth Homes 13/06/1964 Wife of Andrew Loughrey Holmes
7 BUCKNELL Lizzie 30/09/1927 Wife of Benjamin B Bucknell
7 BUCKNELL Benjamin B 13/09/1951 Husband of Lizzie Bucknell
8 MORTIMER Georgina Martha 12/07/1912
9 CLARKSON Anne 22/08/1912 Wife of Emerson Clarkson and mother of Susann Clarkson
9 CLARKSON Susann 26/09/1960
10 FALLOON Jessie 4/01/1913 Daughter of W and R Falloon
10 FALLOON Irene May 7/08/1925 Daughter of W and R Falloon
11 HOLMES Henry 1874 1950
11 HOLMES Gertrude 1883 1962
11 HOLMES Jean 1912 1913
11 HOLMES Frederick 1905 1985
12 SHIRLEY John Reginald (Jackie) 16/03/1913 Son of Horace and Clara Shirley
13 SAVILLE W O 12/05/1913 Husband of Annie
13 SAVILLE Annie 1869 1953 Wife of W O Saville
13 SAVILLE Sarah Jane
18 HAYTON James 21/08/1912 Grandfather of Alan Hayton Greenhow
18 GREENHOW Alan Hayton 25/08/1918 Grandson of James Hayton killed in action near Bapaume, France
19 CLARKSON George Wensley 15/11/1882 2/11/1918
20 HAYTON May 18/01/1859 5/02/1928
20 HAYTON Louisa 16/10/1857 18/06/1941
21 HAYTON Ellen 7/12/1945
14 MALET Frederick de Carteret 26/10/1843 21/03/1912 Husband of Beatrice Malet
14 MALET Beatrice 27/04/1846 23/03/1913 Wife of Frederick de Carteret Malet.  Died at sea
15 KINCAID Kate 14/08/1856 10/08/1913 Wife of Thomas Kincaid
15 KINCAID Thomas 26/09/1928 Husband of Kate Kincaid
15 KINCAID Mildred Elizabeth 27/07/1965
16 DE RENZI Arthur Castriot 03/08/1864 21/01/1914
17 MEHAFFY Mary 01/12/18xx 1X/11/1931 Wife of (illegible)
22 THOMPSON Robert J xx/07/1925
22 THOMPSON Elizabeth 24/02/1920