The Standing Committee meeting on 1 June received the Diocesan Financial Summary (audited) for 2015 and approved the Diocesan Budget for the year 2017.

A discussion about the need for an adequate Anglican Centre building as soon as possible was held and CPT was encouraged to further the present proposal.

The SC received and forwarded to CPT the proposal from Mackenzie Parish to build a pre-school. SC requested information about whether this initiative is for a Christian pre-school.

The SC received from the Sub-committee on Audit and Finance a recommendation for financial support for East Christchurch. SC agreed to the recommendation for a one time assistance grant.

SC approved the request from the Youth Ministry Developer of the Diocesan Mission Team that the Diocese of Christchurch become a member of the Canterbury Youth Workers’ Collective.

SC made the following appointments to bodies associated with or of the Diocese:

The Rev Dr Megan Harvey is appointed to the Theology House Board

The Rev Dr Stephen McNabb is appointed to the Diocesan Study Leave Committee as an additional clergy member

Mr Phil Trotter is appointed to the Diocesan Study Leave Committee as a lay member

In the absence of clarity about the required mechanism for appointing a Chairperson for the Anglican Resource Centre Committee, SC accepted this as their responsibility for their next meeting and will confer with the Ven Dr Peter Carrell to further this matter.

SC appointed the Rev Nick Mountfort to the Canterbury Tertiary Chaplaincy Committee

Vicarage of Kaiapoi Parish: SC approved the floor plan for the proposed renovated vicarage at 23 Cass Street in Kaiapoi.

Synod Business:

The matter of the Clergy Appointments Bill 2016 is again coming to Synod and SC asked that Mr Jeremy Johnson attend its July meeting to explain the Bill to SC.

Anticipating an amendment to the Ministry and Mission Statute in the future, SC passed the following resolution:

“That SC caution against immediate family members of active clergy of the parish concerned accepting office as warden, treasurer, or as parish nominator.”
The next meeting of Standing Committee is to be held 6 July 2016, 5.00 pm.