Nobody knows the future except our God.

But right here and now, we are all working in a new space, and some of us are stronger in some areas more than others.

So to help those putting services together, the Diocesan Office aims to produce a series of tutorials called the Top Tips series.

What is it?

A regular series of resource pages for clergy and laity involved in putting together services. We aim to cover several aspects, one at a time, of the new Lock-down challenges to encourage and inspire. It will also include peer comments to help you taste a range of ideas and find something that suits you. The suggested programme, although it may change depending on need, is as follows:

  1. Technical Tips – platforms, programmes, and possibilities – to view this one click here.
  2. Pastoral Care Tips – cell-phones, cyber-visits and coverage
  3. Tips for Sundays – services, sanctuaries, and sociology
  4. Tips for Small Groups – connection, care, and cake
  5. Reaching our Communities – identify, initiate, and investigate

So go have at it, and we hope it helps.