Greetings in Christ to the churches in Christchurch.

I have a wero, a challenge for you. I would like to invite your church to consider your waste, both in homes and as a church. I have written you a resource called ‘The Rubbish Challenge: 10 Steps to Less Waste in 10 Months’, which is available as an insert into your e-newsletter. If you would like to receive this over the next 10 months please email me:

Silvia Purdie

A Rocha Christchurch

027 242 1113


The Rubbish Challenge: 10 Steps to Less Waste in 10 Months

A resource for churches and families, designed as an e-newsletter insert. Full material and teaching videos at: Written by Silvia Purdie (no copyright, no need to ask permission).

To receive the resource (free!) each month (Feb-Nov this year only) please email:


The ‘Why?’

We all know that we make too much rubbish. Too much goes in the red bin, off to landfill. Too much stuff is only made for one use before getting chucked. Too much recycling gets contaminated and dumped. Not enough stuff gets composted.

This is not just a problem for our city council. It is a problem for God’s creation, and so it is a problem for God and God’s people. We all add to landfill waste and so we all get to share in solving the problem. Could this even be a way of serving God? Could it be a face of mission in 2021?

The ‘How?’

How? By taking small steps.

To cut down on our rubbish, we think about what we use and where it goes. We make choices, about what to buy and how to dispose of what we don’t want any more.

The Rubbish Challenge is a series of little actions, one each month. Together they add up to a big impact.

The Rubbish Challenge is a resource for churches, groups, families and individuals. Each month there’ll be a Big Idea, a Bible verse, a prayer, and a practical task to do. Plus a 5-minute video each month and more material online. All from an evangelical Christian perspective.

Please copy and share on your newsletter, website and Facebook page. (Facebook: Silvia Purdie)


10 Steps over 10 Months:

Step 1) February: Consider

Step 2) March: Measure

Step 3) April: Recycling

Step 4) May: Disposables

Step 5) June: Food

Step 6) July: Paper Towels

Step 7) August: Office

Step 8) September: Kids

Step 9) October: Cleaning

Step 10) November: Measure and Celebrate