Welcome to the Christchurch Anglican Diocesan Archives blog “Cobwebs”.

The size of the collection means that many of the items that are held by the archives are rarely seen by the public. This blog will highlight these and other items that turn up in the course of advising researchers and searching out answers to enquiries.

We begin with a photograph of two well known clergy in the history of the Diocese of Christchurch.   Henry John Chitty Harper (right ) was Bishop from 1856 until 1890, while Henry Jacobs’ (left) roles were many and various including  Headmaster of Christ’s College, Vicar of Christchurch- St Michael and Archdeacon of Christchurch.

The photograph was taken by C H Manning who had his studio at 150 Colombo Street, Christchurch. Both the Dean and the Bishop are wearing clerical clothing typical of the 1800’s; frock coats, clerical aprons, breeches and gaiters.

The reason for this particular photograph is to acknowledge Jacobs appointment, 150 years ago, on 31st March 1866, as Dean of Christchurch.  He remained as Dean until he died “in harness’ on 6 February 1901.Harper & jacobs lg