Do you think that your family came from the West Coast and you have never been able to find a Marriage?  Maybe this new Archives Resource will be useful.

Despite all the hassles that COVID-19 Levels have created for the Archives Volunteers, the work that they have completed listing the locations of Marriages in the three West Coast Parishes of Kumara, Hokitika and Ross, up to 1940, might be able to help.

So there is now a new section on the website under called West Coast Marriages.

The entries in these Registers have a huge advantage over copies that can be obtained from the Registrar General, because almost always they contain the original signatures of the Bride, Groom and Witnesses.  The copies which were sent to the Registrar General were sometimes filled in by the Officiating Minister before the date of the wedding.

How to access copies of these Marriages is included in this file which can be downloaded here .