The Facilities Team is responsible for day to day management of property and investments.

The property team negotiates all insurances for the Diocese and ensures compliance with local body building requirements such as Building Warrent of Fitness.

CPT has two main roles as a manager of investments:

1. Trustee of the Dean & Chapter Estate and the Bishopric Estate (statutory trusts), the General Trust Estate, and numerous other trusts. These trusts often have investment objectives in common.

2. The manager of four investment funds (technically, funds of funds). These funds consolidate the interests of the trusts under supervision according to differing investment objectives. The funds are run to maximise the potential efficiencies associated with acting as Trustee to a number of small funds with similar objectives. The four funds are the Balanced Growth Fund, the Fixed Income Fund, the Insurance Proceeds Fund, and the Cathedral Insurance Proceeds Fund.

CPT has the ultimate fiduciary responsibility for investments (and other property) under its administration and for setting overall investment strategy. The Board uses the services of Investment Advisors. Staff monitor adherence to the Statement of Investment Policies and Objectives approved by the Board.

The finance team also monitor compliance to financial services legislation.