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    Walking with teenagers

    The latest issue of Anglican Life magazine looks at the support 24/7 workers like Steffi give teenagers...
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    Reimagining mission and business

    The Aug/Sept edition of Anglican Life Magazine looks at the social enterprise model and what it has to offer mission.
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    Barbed Wire

    On a Friday evening, a group of youth from various parishes around the city gathered at the Transitional Cathedral for a social justice awareness night...
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    How Do You Build a Cathedral?

    Information from the trip to see inspirational Cathedrals and buildings, as well as information about what is happening to the current ChristChurch Cathedral...

Anglican e-Life | 27 April 2016

Read this week's issue here

CPT Update - 16-04 | BGF

Apologies for delay in finalising the BGF for 2015

CPT Update - 16-05 | 2015/16 Insurance Renewal

Trustees approved Insurance Renewal for the coming year

Lecture by Professor Chris Marshall at St Christopher’s Avonhead

On Friday April the 1st 2016 Professor Chris Marshall, an outstanding teacher and scholar, delivered a lecture to members of the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch on how the church addresses and evaluates doctrinal questions based on Scripture.

CPT Update 16-03 | Health & Safety Seminars

Information on the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 for the use of churches throughout New Zealand

CPT Update - 16-01 - Miscellaneous News

Re-cap of the ongoing items from 2015

Bishop's Message for Anglican Life Magazine

“…stewardship involves our use of time, talent and treasure, and it asks us to re-consider how we live our whole life.”

Climate Change, a Concern for the Church?

“Like the frog in the slowly boiling water, perhaps we are simply not hard wired to take action when disaster looms slow.”

Building Missional Communities

The Rev’d Indrea Alexander talks to the Rev’d Matt Watts about putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people.

Quality Aged Care

Most of us live in a determined state of denial about growing old...


A reflection by Christiana Talbot

The Women of Little Akaloa

Isolation was a major challenge for rural women

Rural Churches Ignite Fresh Initiatives

Rural churches tend to be small, but as their members engage the community in meaningful and transformative action, their impact is amazing

New support for first-time parents in Addington

More than 2,000 babies were born to first-time parents in Christchurch last year

Installation of the Very Rev'd Lawrence Kimberley

Installation of the Very Rev’d Lawrence Kimberley as the 14th Dean of ChristChurch Cathedral

CPT Update - 15-19 | Recovery Programme

Whilst project completions to date are behind target [105 v 124] it is still expected that all projects will be completed on time.

Campaign to End Violence Against Women

Diocesan clergy and staff gave sizzling support to White Ribbon Day

New Dean Looking to the Square

The newly installed Dean of Christchurch, the Very Rev Lawrence Kimberley is clear about his priorities

CPT Update 15-18 - Insurance Excesses

Addressing the excess deducted from the Global Insurance Settlement

Letter from Bishop Victoria Matthews | 28 August 2015

Read the Bishop's latest letter to the Diocese here

Earthquake Recovery Programme

Slide Presentations of pre-Syndod Archdeaconry Meetings for completed work in Pegasus, Christchurch, South Canterbury and Mid Canterbury - June to August 2015

Study Resources around Pilgrimage, Justice and Peace

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is inviting member churches to join in a pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Assistant Curacies Appeal Continues...

Standing Committee seeks your prayerful consideration of the ways in which you are able to support on-the-job training of curates.

Judicial Committee Rules on Motion 30

Two reports from the recent Judicial Committee hearing on Motion 30 are available for downloading and reading.

Health & Safety Update

Read or Download this H & S Update here

Seeking a Community Conversation

The Church Property Trustees are seeking a community conversation about a possible option to bring a resolution to the future design of the Cathedral in the Square.

Stand Up Against Family Violence

A variety of Cantabrian voices, including Anglican minister the Rev Mike Coleman, lent their support to the "Stand Up Against Family Violence" campaign.