Letter from Bishop Victoria Matthews | 4 July 2015

Read the Bishop's latest letter to the Diocese here.

Letter from Bishop Victoria Matthews | 3 July 2015

Read the Bishop's latest letter to the Diocese here.

Anglican e-Life | 1 July 2015

Read or download this week's issue of e-Life here.

Update 15-10 | Recovery Progress

Report into progress on the Recovery Work Programme

Update 15-09 | EPB Policy Change

Over the past few years government and local authorities have considered and changed their response to EPBs.

Study Resources around Pilgrimage, Justice and Peace

The World Council of Churches (WCC) is inviting member churches to join in a pilgrimage of justice and peace.

Assistant Curacies Appeal Continues...

Standing Committee seeks your prayerful consideration of the ways in which you are able to support on-the-job training of curates.

Judicial Committee Rules on Motion 30

Two reports from the recent Judicial Committee hearing on Motion 30 are available for downloading and reading.

Health & Safety Update

Read or Download this H & S Update here

Seeking a Community Conversation

The Church Property Trustees are seeking a community conversation about a possible option to bring a resolution to the future design of the Cathedral in the Square.

Stand Up Against Family Violence

A variety of Cantabrian voices, including Anglican minister the Rev Mike Coleman, lent their support to the "Stand Up Against Family Violence" campaign.

UPDATED Pre-Synod Archdeaconry Meetings schedule for Synod 5 & 6 September 2015

Here is the UPDATED schedule for Pre-Synod meetings in August 2015.