Greetings in Christ’s name! I trust you’ve been enjoying the run of warmer weather—my last few morning runs have been very pleasant indeed! Bishop Peter is on leave this week so it falls to me to write the e-Life editorial.

The Spirit is Moving!

Wherever I go in the Diocese these days I hear reports of newcomers tentatively exploring worship in our parishes. Some come because of a parish’s digital media presence, some come because of a personal invitation, and some just walk in off the street. In spite of the census figures many people are still open to God and are being drawn by the Spirit. So, let’s pray for more of this response and be ready when newcomers arrive—with a warm welcome, with helpful information and with a follow up call.

Has the ARM Visited Your Vestry?

One of my goals as Archdeacon of Regeneration and Mission is to visit all the Parish Vestries in the Diocese by the end of the year to give a presentation on the DMAP. I’ve visited 33 so far with 4 booked in and about 14 yet to do. Please call me if I haven’t visited your Vestry and we can make a date. This is an opportunity to hear more about the Mission Dei and our Diocesan vision for regeneration through making missionary disciples, reaching out to children and families, and transforming the communities around us.

Encourage your Ministry Team through LyCiG

Registrations for the Leading your Church into Growth conference are now open—click here. This conference will be similar, but not exactly the same, as last year’s one. Same speakers, same passion, encouragement, and basic outline but some of the stories and details will be different. Remember that each parish is being encouraged to send a team of up to six people—so you can learn together around a table. It will be an amazing team-building experience!

Ordinations Coming Soon

Ordinations are occasions of both great joy and sober reminder of the weight of ministry! So please pray for those who will be ordained in a few weeks’ time. Gabriele Anderson (Lincoln), Andrew Butcher (Fendalton) and Simon Green (St Michaels and All Angels) will be ordained deacons at 10.30am on Saturday 29 July in the Transitional Cathedral. Our preacher will be Acting Dean Bosco Peters. The Reverend Steven Dunne (Woodend-Pegasus) will be ordained priest in Holy Innocents, Amberley at 7pm on Friday 4 August. The preacher will be Archdeacon Dawn Baldwin. Clergy at both services are invited to robe and wear red stoles.

Induction of Alexa Evenden in Darfield

We rejoice with Rev Alexa Evenden who was recently been appointed Vicar of Malvern. Alexa will be inducted at 7.30pm on Tuesday 1 August in Trinity Church, Darfield. All are warmly welcome to come and support her. Clergy are invited to robe wearing red stoles.

Mission Impact Reviews

This weekend I will be joined by Susan Rendall (Cathedral) and Gillian Trewinnard (Amberley) for St Paul’s Papanui’s Mission Impact Review. We’re excited to work with Rev Tim Frank and his team to contribute to the flourishing of their parish. The principle of an MIR is to hold a mirror up to a parish so they can seem more clearly where God is blessing and areas that could be developed. The following weekend St John’s Rangiora will have a Mission Impact Review.

Quote of the Week

“To fulfil God’s mission we need a disciple making engine at the heart of it”—Bishop Justin Duckworth

Mark Chamberlain
Archdeacon for Regeneration and Mission